laundry lighting

Laundry lighting 

In a place like a laundry, the lighting is very significant. One of the main function of it is proper illumination of area in order to provide comfort for people who make use of services. However, LED technology has a great importance, as well.

Laundry is a place which is open many hours so savings and cost- cutting resulting from LED technology are significant. We guarantee long service life of LED and we use different techniques, such as: Tunable White System that allows users to control the colour of light or DALI System that allows users to brighten or dim the light.

Nowadays, a laundry is not only a place where we come to do the laundry. This is also a place for temporary relax or even a place of work while waiting. That’s why, companies that provide services have to take care of a proper design for such places in order to attract customers.

The lighting must be aesthetic and well made. LAKO offers a wide selection of luminaires that allows you to arrange place that will be friendly for customers all over.     


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