• a luminaire used for commercial application with the use of bactericidal sources
  • it emits intensive ultraviolet radiation in the range of UV-C radiation (the length of wave: 253,7nm)
  • UV-C radiation, in the range of wavelengths from 250-270 nm, purifies water, air and surfaces as well as it eliminates the need to use chemical products
  • UV-C radiation has photolytic effect on DNA of microorganisms such as: bacteria, mould, yeast, viruses
  •  it absorbs UV-C radiation by nucleic acids and protein that kills microorganisms in nuclei creating chemical reactions



  • it guarantees permanent, high degree of disinfection
  • the effectiveness of light source confirmed by microbiological laboratory tests
  • thanks to reflector with special construction, the luminaire gives better lighting angle
  • a long service life- 8000h-9000h
  • a universal handle for ceiling and wall version with the possibility to change rake angle



  • powder- coated, metal case (white color as standard)
  • light source: TUV 15W/30W
  • handle in light source: G13
  • power: 15W/30W
  • voltage: 230V
  • service life: 8000h- 9000h
  • beam of light: wide, direction of light: down/ permanent
  • light distribution: direct, symmetrical
  • source location: horizontal
  • dimensions:
    (AxBxhxH) 15W: 472x143x83x196mm
    (AxBxhxH) 30W: 929x143x83x196mm

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