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Shop lighting  – What should we remember?

Lighting of shop is one of the first factor that should be taken into account during designing shopping area. Proper lighting shapes the store’s image largely. Interestingly, it may have influence on the company profit in the future! Find out how to pick up lighting products properly.    

1. Visible products increase sales.

Products, which the light falls on, are eyecatchers. Balanced distribution of light at store and accent lighting emphasize a product effectively. You should remember to take account of possible change of exhibition or placement of products during planning of lighting. Don’t forget about a display window! Lighting of display often has an influence on our behaviour: to cross the threshold of store or just walk by.    

2. Let there be light!

Some stores create mysterious atmosphere using moderate amount of lighting and gentle accent lighting illuminating products on shelves. Unfortunately, improper use of that strategy makes the store dark. Such situation decreases customer’s comfort and their possibility to make familiar with a prepared offer! Too dark interior causes that customers inadequately evaluate particular products. We should not opt for a small amount of light or the use of light source of low power. If you want to get an atmospheric effect, instead of the light, choose dark accessories, subdued colours of furniture or paint walls darker colour.  

3. Bet on colour!

Colour and colour rendering index are important factors of shopping. Not only the colour of product, but also lighting may influence decision about purchase. Inappropriate lighting may effectively deform texture and colours of products. Poor colour may cause that the customer decide to give the product back. How to avoid it? Colour temperature lighting similar to daylight gives the best effect. 

4. The light and business go hand in hand.

The selection of colour of the light to offered type of product is a basis. It sometimes happens that people use warm colour in a place where cold one should be applied. Combining colour temperatures cause that our system is not consistent and it does not beam with proper colour. Customers feel worse in such place and they do not make shopping decisions willingly. Improper colour temperature to offered product has a negative influence on our sale. Badly illuminated products may gain bad qualities.

These are general rules on that note:

  • Fresh meat and ham- pink light
  • Cheese- yellow light
  • Dairy products- white light
  • Fish and seafood- blue light
  • Cosmetics, clothes- neutral light with high colour rendering index

5. Intensity, not overload

Levels of lighting intensity differentiate from each other depending on the kind of trading. Products requiring atmosphere of luxury need low level of light intensity and warm colour of light (clothing stores). Products displayed in the business atmosphere look well in white and neutral colour of light (electronics store). Stores that base on sales use high light intensity with daylight (discount and grocery store).

Lighting matters. Choose it properly!


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